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Personalized patient care is what sets American Kinetics Lab apart. When you visit one of our 2 New York State  locations you can expect to receive world class care. We have the best medical product selection in NY. Neck, Back, Foot and other support options plus direct access to an Orthopedist.

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We carry a wide variety of durable medical equipment, rehabilitation products and supports, including lumbar support, back braces, knee and sports injury braces, spinal injury support, cervical collar, neck brace, custom orthotics, orthopedic shoes and insoles. Whether you suffer from lower back pain, arthritis, sports injury, or footwear issues, our doctors and experts are here to help you receive the support and care you need for healthy movement, rehabilitation, arthritis care, posture correction, support for athletes and elderly, and injury prevention. Come in for a consultation and for a custom fitting today.

Personalized patient care and fittings is what sets Medical Product NYC  apart. We also offer home services!

Best Medical Support Products in NY

We have unique braces for back, neck and knee that we can deliver to you! Our doctor can also visit you at your home for custom fittings and consultations for those unable or experiencing difficulty traveling due to injury, pain, and time contraints. Receive a professional medical diagnosis and find pain relief and support for your body. We also carry a wide selection of comfortable orthopedic footwear designed for specialized foot care, addressing spine problems, back pain, and leg pain.

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We accept most insurances including Medicare and Medicaid.  For inquiries and a full list of insurances we accept, Please Call 347-850-4550