Thermoskin Single Sports Shoulder Brace, Universal


The Thermoskin Sports Shoulder includes a cut away design to enhance the range of motion of the arms making it suitable to wear during physical activity. The exclusive thermal technology provides support and protection for the shoulder, keeping it warm to assist with prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. Available in five size, Small thru XXL. Note: Not to be used for shoulder dislocations or shoulder bracing.

Key features and benefits of product:

  • Lined with Trioxon® Advantage patented material for enhanced recovery – clinically developed and exclusive to Thermoskin
  • Provides light but firm compression to counteract tissue swelling
  • Cut away design to improve flexibility in the torso region
  • Available in left, right and universal left/right fit
  • Available in six sizes (for both the left and right shoulder)
  • Endorsed by APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) & AIS (Australian Institute of Sport)
  • Covered by a 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials

May be suitable treatment for:

  • Rotator Cuff injuries
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Pectoralis injuries

*It is important that you choose the correct size for maximum product benefits.

How to wear:

1. Position the product on the affected shoulder either left or right.
2. The larger area of material should cover the shoulder and upper arm area.
3. Lock the velcro straps around the mid-bicep then place the adjustable strap around the chest area.

  • Not to be used for shoulder dislocations or bracing
  • For thermal treatment to be truly effective, the heat needs to be generated continuously for long periods
  • Not suitable for wear within 72 hours post-injury
  • Wear directly against the skin. Do not use heat creams inside the support


Sport Shoulder Sizing Chart

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This Brace is adjustable to any size

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